What to do when you receive a sextortion mail against bitcoin payment?

Bitcoin is churning the wheels of the big money ball. Many are getting lured into its whereabouts. Not only does it interest prospects, but also scammers. Bitcoin is the most famous and widely used cryptocurrency that is used. Its value is quite high and is proving to be steady in recent times. So much so that it is also being called as the future of gold like investments.

When such an accelerating graph of a coin is in the market, it does gather eyeballs. Scams in the cryptocurrency are not new. There have been many scams earlier. But as days go by, the frequency of sexually threatening emails has also risen. These are emails that inform the victim that they have access to theirs or their family’s pornographic videos. The demand against it is in terms of bitcoins.

In 2018, email extortion complaints rose by 242%, where most of them were part of a sextortion campaign, according to the FBI. Experts have said that they prey on people’s fear of embarrassment. Most of these emails are nothing but a hoax. There is no video or any proof of it. But because people hoard certain skepticism, they fall into it.

While it is entirely justifiable for one to panic upon receiving such mails but resorting to giving in to the mail’s demands is definitely not an option. Instead, this is what you should be doing:

Update scam filters

There are many options available as browser extensions that enable you to process emails that can potentially be scams. Also, keep a note of the language and tone used. Although they might seem very convincing upon reading between the lines, you would find that the language is quite generic.

• Change passwords frequently

Keep your passwords updated and back them with additional login information like your personal details for login questions or a login security key.

Report to authorities immediately

You must not be engulfed by embarrassment. Seek official help from the police or FBI. If this email comes to you on your work device, then report it to the IT cell. In the whole process, there is a shallow barrier to entry. This is what makes the sextortion quite feasible for scammers. The best way to prevent them is to educate oneself about such crimes. Reporting is the best option as seeking redressal does not guarantee success.