TRON and the disruption it offers

TRON is a project that aims to disrupt the online content market. It aims to empower the user to decide on the content one would want to watch. Hence, it focuses more on the entertainment distribution network. It basically wants to create an environment where the user-created content will be shared as per the choices the creator makes. This way, they are able to eliminate intermediaries and middlemen who make more gains over what other people create simply because they provide the platform.

Creating value for content makers is a major step in the project’s agenda as it transforms how the world interacts through the internet space. Disrupting this economy brings about one major benefit – freedom from censorship. TRON investment has a long-term advantage. As the world continues in the decentralized direction, platforms like this remain on top of the CDN industry. Another important feature is that it is cross-blockchain compatible with other networks.

The current market rate of TRON is $0.0133 with a potential profit percentage rise if almost 162%.

To buy TRX is quite a simple exercise as it is listed in more than 20 cryptocurrency exchange platforms, which makes it an extremely popular token and it is also being paired more with BTC and ETH. Very few exchanges allow trading with USD and USDT. To buy, you simply need to register on any of the exchanges that list the crypto-asset, then purchase using BTC or ETH as the case may be.

Once the coin has been bought there are two different storage options to choose from:

1) You could decide to store on a web wallet like Myetherwallet (since it’s an ERC20 compatible token), or on exchanges where they are listed. More so, there are some mobile wallets, that can also be used, so it’s safer to transfer the asset to a mobile wallet than to store it on exchanges.

2) Another option, which is the most secure one, is the use of a hardware wallet like Tezor or Ledger Nano S, which provides more security to crypto assets. With the arrival of TRON, the ownership landscape is bound to change. There will be more freedom attached to creativity as a third party hold will reduce drastically. This will hold good for the online entertainment industry. Blockchain and the advantages it brings to provide a level playing field both among the consumer and the platforms that provide the space.