“The Missing Cryptoqueen” to hit TV Screens Soon

Ruja Ignatova made thousands of dreams and aspired to get their money multiplied to get rid of their financial problems. She managed to get many investors on board. In a sudden turn of events, her original façade was revealed. While the fraud case was exposed and she was charged with money laundering, Ignatova escaped.

The fraud case of Ruja Ignatova had left many in a confused and helpless state of mind. The million-dollar scammer is one of the most wanted today. While her traces are still a mystery to global authorities, her deeds have been brought to the public disposal by the BBC in the BBC Sound Podcast series “The Missing Cryptoqueen.”

In a heated auction, the satellite rights of the BBC podcast series “The Missing Cryptoqueen” went to New Regency Television. In that exchange, giant names like 20th Century TV and A24 were present. The deal was sealed in the name of the New Regency. Georgia Catt and Jamie Bartlett have created the gripping podcast.

Articles written about “The Missing Cryptoqueen” have garnered quite some eyeballs. It only makes sense that now it is brought closer to life in a television format. The series had outlined the million-dollar Ponzi scheme by the Bulgaria based scholar and entrepreneur Dr. Ruja Ignatova. While cryptocurrencies were not very trusted, she was successful in putting people’s sight behind the blindfold.

The podcast detailed out the gripping dubious tale of the wanted fraudster and how she managed to achieve so many investors. The podcast series could successfully reveal MLM’s technique, where the product was the fake OneCoin, the so-called competitor to the popular bitcoin.

The elated producers are in the hunt of directors to make it an episodic series. With a televised version of the show, the makers aim to bring the massive scam and fraudulency to the eyes of the public. Now that cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular than ever, a show like this would be of value addition.

New Regency TV is set to bring you the chilling encounters of the massive money laundering case of a lifetime. If there can be an instance where even the most protected currency could also be looted, this would be that tale. Even before cryptocurrency has completely made a mark, extortion is already a step ahead. The show sounds promising and of high value for people today who look for avenues for investments.