Keep all Cryptocurrency Transaction Worries for Revolut

Before setting foot in the cryptocurrency world, one must be aware of a few of its basics. The sole purpose of it is the involvement of money. Given in hand that cryptocurrencies are relatively new, many might have a problem with wrapping their head around it. There are many such sources of information about the cryptocurrencies available over the internet. But it is the transaction that skips a heartbeat for every investor. With a systematic app called Revolut, all your worries about selling, buying, and exchanging your cryptocurrencies will be at ease.

The app comes with features that take the load off a buyer. It has an array of functionalities that include-

• Trading with important cryptocurrencies

The app supports trading with leading cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether, litecoin, ripple, and stellar. All of these currencies can be traded with other Revolut accounts. The app upon your instructions will dispatch cryptocurrencies against an amount that will exist in a virtual account which shared by other Revolut users as well.

Your wish is the ultimate command

No activity will be carried out without your instructions. The team at Revolut will ensure that only when you ask to sell, buy, or exchange cryptocurrencies is when they are done. The app will only hold the cryptocurrency, obtaining it on your behalf. You will have the ultimate value disposition, which is called as beneficial right.

• Trustworthy partnered transactions

The app works depending upon the data you put – of how much e-money you wish to spend to buy cryptocurrencies. Based on this input, the app will purchase coins from trustworthy partners like Coinbase or Bitstamp.

• Real time exchange rates

The exchange rates are what is given by credible partners. Based on that, the app sets its exchange rate. It is real-time, which is why you will find changes in it from time to time. The best part is that there are no other additional fees that are attached to it.

• Transferring Power

When you transfer cryptocurrency, that amount of cryptocurrency in the account accords for benefits right to the transferee. Transferring is only possible to another Revolut account only.

There may be many other avenues through which acquiring and disposing of crypto assets is possible. Still, Revolut offers what many others in the crypto world struggle to – a hassle-free and load waiving transaction in the cryptocurrency.