How Blockchain Can be Used in the Education Sector

How can Blockchain be used in the education field 

Blockchain has kept their feet on every possible thing, including the education field. Blockchain plays an important role where it is very much useful in the education field. Below given are some of the top reasons why Blockchain is useful in the education field.

Student Record

Sony Education has developed a platform which uses Blochcian technology to securely share the results of the student. This is done in partnership with IBM. Blockchain in the education system will surely be very much useful for sharing other information in the same way.  Not only results, but other things can also be easily shared using Blockchain technology.


Identity management is one of the biggest problems in the education field. Some of the platforms that is powered by Blockchain technology helps the student to carry their identity wherever they go with the use of the internet. Such platforms are Blockstack as well as uPort. With this, students don’t need to carry physical identity proof. The entire thing can be done with the use of the internet.

All about the security

The blockchain is known for its security. Even in the education field, it can be used to improve infrastructure security. This includes adding more sensors as well as security cameras.  The blockchain is very much known for its security features. This can make the entire campus more secure and add more features to enhance the existing security.

Cloud storage

As a student, you will have a lot of storage that you will need to keep. Blockchain technology makes it a lot easier as well as affordable when you are planning to store data in the cloud. Some of the crypto projects are very useful in file hosting at a very affordable price. This can solve one of the major problems of all the students.

Learning Marketplace

The other benefit of the Blockchain technology in the education field is learning marketplace. One can easily remove the middleman using Blockchain. Students can directly pay for their courses using the platform provided by the Blockchain technology


These are some of the best use of Blockchain in Education field.