Daedalus Wallet Review

So while the world is going Ga Ga over Cardano and its many disruptive features, one big feature they are absolutely overlooking is the wallet that stores the Cardano tokens. Daedalus.

Daedalus, is the optimal wallet that is used to store ADA coins.

What is a wallet?

The online wallet isn’t the same thing as the leather one in your pocket, though they function similarly. Digital wallets store digital money or cryptocurrencies.

Each cryptocurrency needs a wallet compatible with it. One cannot store any digital currency in any wallet. You also need to choose between software and hardware wallets. Software wallets are online applications, while hardware wallets are a separate device that can be connected to a computer via USB. One such wallet is the Daedalus wallet. It is a software which is compatible with Cardano and our review today will throw some light one it.

What is Daedalus?

Daedalus is the name of the wallet that is compatible with Cardano. You may ask what is Cardano? Well it is among one of the most  respected of cryptocurrencies in the world. And the only wallet supporting it is Daedalus.

It was developed by the Cardano network to provide the highest form if encryption to its users. Daedalus is also a multi platform web-based device. That would mean it can be accessed from anywhere making truly democratic in its functionality.

Daedalus has gained immense popularity within a pretty short span in time because of the wide range of features it offers users. Users can manage the wallet easily and securely using several high tech features. Organizing and recovering funds are also easy. This convenience and ease of use makes Daedalus such a well known Cardano wallet. Also the fact that its multi platform makes it even more of a darling of the Cardano community.

On an extremely basic level, Daedalus is similar to any other cryptocurrency wallet. It lets you store data like private keys for easy access. Also, since Daedalus is an online wallet, it is much easier to use compared to a hardware wallet. You can access the account from any platform and browser from anywhere in the world for instant access to funds.

The three main criteria that Daedalus meets are Protection, convenience and instant service. This what makes it one of the best wallets in the cryptocurrency universe.

Cardano Foundation is based in Switzerland and was founded in 2015.