2018 Cryptocurrency Collapse


Crypto field has gained a lot of audiences, lately. This is due to the large increase in the exchange rates of these digital currencies. Also, these are decentralized and, therefore, users can earn a lot of profit as they don’t have to pay tax. There is also no involvement of any third-party. So, the transaction is done directly between the producer and consumer and no extra pay has to be given to the third-parties. There has also been an increase in the security of the crypto transactions. The progress of the crypto field is increasing day-by-day. As a result, people have started to accept it in their daily life as well.

Consequences of Cryptocurrency Collapse

Cryptocurrency has increased its region to a greater extent. However, there has been a huge collapse in the cryptocurrency. The exchange rates of the crypto coins have fallen greatly. Those who were thinking of buying cryptocurrency were able to do so due to the very low exchange rates. Users who were waiting for the increase in the exchange rates have experienced a huge loss. They waited to invest their cryptocurrencies in different fields like buying a car, planning to travel and etc. With the development in this field, people waited more so that the rates would increase.

Cryptocurrency collapse not same as the Bubble Burst phenomena

There has been a record fall in the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, this collapse was not the same as the bubble burst. Since there has been a sudden fall, this has been somewhat different to a bubble burst. Still, there are some similarities in both of them. The fall led to a huge loss in many sectors that started accepting cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. Due to the feature of decentralization, cryptocurrency became one of the favorite choices of users. They were also satisfied with additional features like crypto tokens. These tokens were used in a wide range of platforms. The fall occurred due to the rise of a wide range of crypto coins. Some of them provided users with more features as compared to others.