How Much Should You Invest in Your Crypto Portfolio


The market may be going through a bit of a tough time, but that has not discouraged people from getting involved in starting their new crypto investments. The number one thought running through the minds of many first time investors….after the thought of potential gains, is, “how much should I invest initially when I buy cryptocurrency?” Here are a few key points to consider when making your decision.

Belief in the Project

Just like any traditional investment, you should consider how much your truly believe in the mission of the project. This will ultimately determine how much you will be willing to invest. This will also influence your management strategy when it comes to changes in the market. The more you believe in the project, the more resolute you will be in your decision making. Just be sure that your trust is well founded.

Market Conditions

As we mentioned, the market is currently at quite a low point. This can present somewhat of an opportunity for you to obtain value for money on your favored tokens if you have the bravery to do so. In the long-term, this can reap dividends for you. You need to just be as certain as possible that the market has reached the bottom or that you are willing to hold on and avoid panic selling in any situation.


The single most important factor when deciding whether or not to invest takes priority over all of the other points in this article and that is to make sure you can actually afford to invest the amount which you have decided. Too many people get into investments of all kinds outside of their budget. This is usually due to a fear of missing out. You cannot afford to be one of these people. Besides everything else, this quickly clouds your judgement and has a negative impact on your trading decisions.