Finding and Recruiting the Perfect ICO Team


One of the most important elements to launching your successful ICO is the existence of a successful core team. This team can be of any size so long as it performs all of the key required functions. Most people already know this, but the question comes up when starting a project. Where do you find and recruit a professional team you can trust to help you on your journey. Let’s identify a few key areas.

Deciding on Your Requirements

As with any team, you must decide on the skills you need to add in order to make the project a success. When it comes to ICOs, you will most likely need people with expertise in the areas of marketing, blockchain development, security, and legal compliance. Naturally, you should also consider which elements of these roles you can successfully fill too. Once you have done this, the search is on.

Where to Search

It may be tempting to get all of your friends on board to share in your potential success. Though this is a good strategy from a trust perspective, you should consider their professional experiences, reputations, and above all, what element of value can they provide ton investors. Forums such as BitcoinTalk and groups on Telegram can be good starting points. This is in addition to LinkedIn and employing some mechanisms to verify the quality of members.


You can go a long way toward validating the credentials of your team members by checking out their LinkedIn pages and searching through some community forums and their past projects. It is vitally important that you do perform the necessary due diligence on your own team members because ultimately, if you fail to do so, your investors will not be so blasé.

Team Management

Once the team is together, you may think the hard work is done. That is certainly not the case. If you wish to keep the project on track, you will have to maintain a continuous check on the progress of the team. This should be merely supervisory in nature and just enough to ensure they are meeting the targets you have set in terms of performance.