How Blockchain Can be Used in the Education Sector

How can Blockchain be used in the education field 

Blockchain has kept their feet on every possible thing, including the education field. Blockchain plays an important role where it is very much useful in the education field. Below given are some of the top reasons why Blockchain is useful in the education field.

Student Record

Sony Education has developed a platform which uses Blochcian technology to securely share the results of the student. This is done in partnership with IBM. Blockchain in the education system will surely be very much useful for sharing other information in the same way.  Not only results, but other things can also be easily shared using Blockchain technology.


Identity management is one of the biggest problems in the education field. Some of the platforms that is powered by Blockchain technology helps the student to carry their identity wherever they go with the use of the internet. Such platforms are Blockstack as well as uPort. With this, students don’t need to carry physical identity proof. The entire thing can be done with the use of the internet.

All about the security

The blockchain is known for its security. Even in the education field, it can be used to improve infrastructure security. This includes adding more sensors as well as security cameras.  The blockchain is very much known for its security features. This can make the entire campus more secure and add more features to enhance the existing security.

Cloud storage

As a student, you will have a lot of storage that you will need to keep. Blockchain technology makes it a lot easier as well as affordable when you are planning to store data in the cloud. Some of the crypto projects are very useful in file hosting at a very affordable price. This can solve one of the major problems of all the students.

Learning Marketplace

The other benefit of the Blockchain technology in the education field is learning marketplace. One can easily remove the middleman using Blockchain. Students can directly pay for their courses using the platform provided by the Blockchain technology


These are some of the best use of Blockchain in Education field.

Best Cryptocurrency to Mine

People now know about the mining and they don’t directly rush into the whole mining process and there is no dearth of cryptocurrencies either. For some people, it is quite confusing which Cryptocurrency they should start mining with.

First of all, you need to know about mining in order to know which one is the best Cryptocurrency to mine. The earnings totally depend on two things. One is your machine hardware and the internet, the second thing that your earnings depend on are on hash rates. Higher the hash rate of the Cryptocurrency, the more money you will eventually make.

Below are the best Cryptocurrencies you can start mining today to possibly make some extra money. If you still want to know, how to mine Cryptocurrency, here’s further information on it.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum hash value is around 190 TH/s which is pretty good as compared to other digital currencies. This is the current rate while the highest value the Ethereum once reached was 295 TH/s. The block reward was decreased by the Ethereum and hence there will be less amount of coins in the market. Hence, scarcity will surely increase demand.

Zvoin (XZC)

Although, the coin has not completed many years in the industry but still manages to make its place in the top list. It has been in the market since Sep 2016. The experts say that Zcoin will reach $32 within the end of this year. Therefore, this is one of the Cryptocurrency you can mine which will give you huge returns.

Monero (XMR)

The other Cryptocurrency that you can start mining today is Monero. It is a successful project and has gained a huge amount of respect due to its many features. The coin has been in the market since 2014 and has the best level of privacy. In fact, it is the coin with the most popular privacy. However, sometimes this can also be an issue as sender and receiver’s address are hidden.

Therefore, these are some of the best Cryptocurrencies you can start mining today itself.

How much to invest in cryptocurrency in 2019?

The cryptocurrencies market is growing day by day. When Bitcoin first came into existence in 2008, it was very cheap to buy. People didn’t think of investing in Cryptocurrency back then. They didn’t have a clear idea about how it works and how much return it will get. When the end of 2009 was near, the price of Bitcoin was less than 1 USD. You could buy 1,309.03 BTC in just 1 USD. Today the bitcoin is worth 3864.29.

So, the question is the same. How much to invest in Cryptocurrency. You can take into consideration the below points.

Advice from a Billionaire

Erik Finman is a 19 years old Millionaire who brought his first Bitcoin at the age of 12 years. He brought it when her grandmother gave him, $1000 Gift. He has currently 401 Bitcoins; the value of which is more than $3 Million.

He cleared the people’s views on how much they should invest in Crypto. He suggested following the 50-30-20 rule. The rule says 50% of the total income goes into needs of human, 30% if the income will go in the discretionary spending while the rest 20% goes to savings.

However, you should not invest all of this money into Cryptocurrency. The reason you should not invest all of the money is that you might lose your savings. Although the price of Cryptocurrencies has been tremendously increasing still, it is a better option to invest 10% of your income and around 50% of your savings in Crypto. Make sure you make a diverse portfolio and do not invest all of them in a single place.

Regular Investments

Instead of investing all of the money at once, you can alternatively choose to invest a small amount of your money but on a regular basis. The price of all the Cryptocurrencies is going up and down. It surely will not necessarily go up. In such cases, having regular investments will help you to get the most returns through Cryptocurrency. Make sure you choose the right coin to invest.

Buying cryptocurrency online


How to buy cryptocurrencies online:

Today we have a lot of ways to buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin etc. But cryptocurrency exchanges are the best way to buy any kind of cryptocurrency. There are a lot of active cryptocurrency exchanges in the market today. Each exchange has its own set of procedures to buy cryptocurrency. But most of them follow a standard set of steps to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. They are as follows:

  1. The first step is to register yourself with your information (full name, email address and cell phone number etc.)
  2. The next step is to verify your identity — you normally need a passport/driving license.
  3. Next, you are asked to set up 2-Step verification. This helps to keep your account secure and keep the hackers away!

Setting up an account is the initial step of buying cryptocurrencies. Once it is set up, you are free to buy any kind of cryptocurrency you want. Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges are like a stock exchange. You can buy them or sell them anytime you want.

Buying cryptocurrencies from an ATM:

This is rather a new method of buying bitcoin. There aren’t a lot of bitcoin ATM’s at present, but if you’re living in a big city then this is the best way to buy them. This does not require creating an account. It’s more like a cash withdrawal from an ATM.


  1. Find a Bitcoin ATM near you
  2. Go to the ATM and verify your identity (this is only required at certain ATMs)
  3. Some ATMs ask for a phone number. If it does, enter your phone number.
  4. The ATM will send you a text message with a code; enter the code into the ATM
  5. Provide your cryptocurrency wallet address if you have one. If you don’t have one, the ATM will create a new cryptocurrency wallet for you.
  6. Put your cash into the ATM
  7. Then, the ATM will send your crypto to your cryptocurrency wallet
  8. The ATM prints your receipt



2018 Cryptocurrency Collapse


Crypto field has gained a lot of audiences, lately. This is due to the large increase in the exchange rates of these digital currencies. Also, these are decentralized and, therefore, users can earn a lot of profit as they don’t have to pay tax. There is also no involvement of any third-party. So, the transaction is done directly between the producer and consumer and no extra pay has to be given to the third-parties. There has also been an increase in the security of the crypto transactions. The progress of the crypto field is increasing day-by-day. As a result, people have started to accept it in their daily life as well.

Consequences of Cryptocurrency Collapse

Cryptocurrency has increased its region to a greater extent. However, there has been a huge collapse in the cryptocurrency. The exchange rates of the crypto coins have fallen greatly. Those who were thinking of buying cryptocurrency were able to do so due to the very low exchange rates. Users who were waiting for the increase in the exchange rates have experienced a huge loss. They waited to invest their cryptocurrencies in different fields like buying a car, planning to travel and etc. With the development in this field, people waited more so that the rates would increase.

Cryptocurrency collapse not same as the Bubble Burst phenomena

There has been a record fall in the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, this collapse was not the same as the bubble burst. Since there has been a sudden fall, this has been somewhat different to a bubble burst. Still, there are some similarities in both of them. The fall led to a huge loss in many sectors that started accepting cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. Due to the feature of decentralization, cryptocurrency became one of the favorite choices of users. They were also satisfied with additional features like crypto tokens. These tokens were used in a wide range of platforms. The fall occurred due to the rise of a wide range of crypto coins. Some of them provided users with more features as compared to others.

Binance: Bitcoin exchange



Following the success of ICO (Initial Coin Offerings), Binance, a China-based cryptocurrency exchange began live trading in 2017. It received huge acclaim in a short time because of its assistance to beginners in executing simple trades. It offers both beginners and professional traders with a wide variety of tools for engaging in digital assets.

Cost of using binance:

Binance is one of the most economical exchanges in recent times. This is because of its compatibility with almost every mobile and PC operating systems. Moreover, the mobile app is free to download and also creating an account in Binance is not expensive. Making deposits to binance in any supporting currency is free. You can trade in Binance at a very nominal charge and by using its own token called BNB, the transaction fees will be reduced.

Security and Privacy:

For account security purposes, binance offers Google Authenticator to verify every withdrawal and security modifications.

Binance privacy policy states that it collects all the user information such as IP addresses and stores them in its server.


  1. It supports almost 100 cryptocurrencies.
  2. It can process 1.4 million transactions per second.
  3. The transaction and withdrawal fees are exceptionally low.
  4. Offers its own BNB token to reduce transaction fees.
  5. It can provide multi-language support.


  1. It doesn’t incorporate for fiat trades. So don’t do if you want to be rich.
  2. It does store some user data like IP address, making people question its privacy policy.
  3. The Android version of its mobile app is reported to be having certain troubles.
  4. Sometimes withdrawing certain coins is delayed.
  5. The withdrawal fees are not the same for every type of cryptocurrencies.

The Binance Coin (BNB):

Soon after launching the exchange, binance released its token called BNB. This token is used to make any kind of transactions on binance. BNB offers you great discounts ranging from 50% in the first year to 6.75% in the fourth year. These discounts will be stopped from the fifth year. Therefore, you can also use Binance to invest in certain ICOs that participate in Binance’s Launchpad program.

Crypto Tumbler



Cryptocurrency tumbler is often referred to as bitcoin mixing or bitcoin laundering. It is a service to break the link between cryptocurrency sending and receiving addresses. This primarily increases the anonymity of the source of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).

Concept of Cryptocurrency Tumbler

The basic concept of cryptocurrency tumbler is similar to that of traditional money laundering. The layering of funds within the trusts or maintaining off-shore shell companies which are a major part of any financial business holds a resemblance to cryptocurrency tumbler.

Cryptocurrencies have been a revolutionary success in financial business because of many unique features like incredible anonymity, low transaction costs, quick confirmation of transactions, etc. But these awesome features come at a price. That is, every transaction is stored in a public journal and anyone with a copy of full blockchain (which is available for free), can have access to it.

To avoid this inconvenience bitcoin mixing comes handy. Bitcoin mixing helps you to disassociate any BTC you purchased using your identity. So cryptocurrency mixing companies will take your cash and distribute in the pool and randomly collect the cash from other persons in the pool and send them back to your new identity. The following are the most popular and reliable bitcoin mixing companies.

  1. is the most popular mixing company that works with a wide range of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherum, and Bitcoin cash. This actually helps you to separate your old and new transaction address by taking cash from you and delivering other peoples cash in the pool in exchange. It follows a strict security and privacy policy that removes historic transactions completely in 24 hours following your mixing conditions.


This serves as a bitcoin tumbler and also a cryptocurrency swapper, meaning you can receive a completely different cryptocurrency which enhances anonymity. Almost no logs or personal identity details of the transaction are maintained making it one the best medium of anonymous transactions.

  1. Bitcoin Blende

Bitcoin lender is one of the oldest and easiest Bitcoin mixers. It was launched in 2014 by an anonymous developer. It features a quick mix mode that allows users to clean Bitcoins without registering an account, thereby guaranteeing utmost security and privacy.

How Cryptocurrencies can make your travel easier?


Today’s generation is completely based on digital transactions and hence, it is quite normal that people often prefer to travel across the borders with digital currencies as it protect their identities and also prevent them from getting robbed or any other such kind of misshappening.

The world has become borderless because of the internet and consequently, with the rise of such digitalized cryptocurrencies, many downfalls have also been caused.

Here, in this article we are going to talk about a few tips to stay safe and secure your money while traveling with cryptocurrencies.

Always Carry a Crypto Wallet for Safety

Recently, a 30 year old man travelled all around the world using crypto currencies and after talking to various media outlets, he talked about the importance of the importance of a crypto wallet such as Trezor. It enables you to carry out most of your daily transactions and provides an overall efficient security.

Carry a Multi Signature Wallet for Unwanted Emergencies

If you plan to use a crypto wallet, then it is a good idea to have a multi signature wallet for some of your emergency savings. Remind yourself of all the positive and negative things that may happen while you are travelling. Do have your digital wallet topped up properly if your phone gets stolen or you lose it somewhere. These are the kind of things you need to keep in mind while traveling with cryptocurrencies.

Try to Create a Separate Email with Your Google Voice Account

It is really very important to create a Google voice phone number as it is a good digital security habit, especially, when you are travelling with cryptocurrency. This email should be used for all your daily transactions and activities and your original account should be avoided as it might leave behind a trail, which can create you a lot of mess.

Use resources to find Cryptocurrency-friendly cities.

If you are planning to travel with cryptocurrency, it is important for you to head to an area with higher chances of accepting cryptocurrency.  You can find resources online that can help to you find the places around the world which accept cryptocurrencies extensively.



Cryptocurrency as the New Age Wedding Gift


Agree or not, demonetisation, which was introduced in the Indian economy back in 2016 was definitely a highlight in the history of the entire Indian economy. Be at the urge of bringing back the black money or hitting the cash deposits of illegal traders, one place which was the most affected one due to the implementation of demonetisation was the cash gifts which where supposed to be given to the newly wed brides and grooms during their reception parties.

Cryptocurrency Weddings?

This might sound funny, but it has been seen that after that incident, numerous brides and grooms were in the favour of a wedding ceremony where the gifts would be accepted digitally, mainly by cryptocurrencies. This event led to the creation of a concept known as cryptocurrency weddings.

Niti Shree and Prashant Sharma, the First Bitcoin Couple

Practically, this sounded a bit crazy, but it was not until the wedding of Prashant Sharma and Niti Shree did everyone believe that cryptocurrency wedding is indeed a possible affair. To be honest, their wedding was, perhaps, the world’s first Bitcoin wedding where all the guests and invitees were requested to bless the newly weds with cryptocurrencies. And to smoothen down the things, they even mentioned a step-by-step guide to donate fractions of Bitcoins through various cryptocurrency wallets.

Why a Bitcoin Wedding?

When asked about this innovative idea, the newlyweds were out of laugh and mentioned that such a cryptocurrency wedding saved the guests a lot of time and hassle to find the correct gift for the ceremony. Apart from that, it also reduced in North of pollution and personal dissatisfaction and receiving some improper gifts.

If stats are to be believed, it was later revealed that approximately 95% of the invitees opted to take a healthy part in such an event and donated and gifted the newlyweds with fractions of Bitcoins.

So, what does the future hold for Cryptocurrency Weddings?

According to some popular wedding planners, this trend has spread like a jungle fire and about 50% to 60% of their clients enquire about such a wedding planning. Apart from cryptocurrencies, the newlyweds are also open for gifts through wire transfers, wallet payment or other digital platform transactions.

So, whatever be the results, such an innovative idea of cryptocurrency weddings is here to stay and we are definitely going to hear about them a lot in the coming years.

How to identify a bad ICO?


If you are trading in the crypto world, you should be able to identify good and bad ICOs as there are many ICOs out there in the cryptosphere. Here are some of the signs which you should keep in mind while investing in new ICOs:


  1. Huge Hard Cap

A very high cap of an ICO means that no one will be waiting to buy the tokens on the exchange and huge effort will be needed to make a secondary exchange.


  1. Inexperienced Team

If the team of the ICOs is not experienced and not well known, then it is a sure sign that the ICO will be bad. You should know whether the team members are crypto advisers and whether any venture capitalist investing has been done.


  1. Very Aggressive marketing

When the ICO is doing very belligerent marketing and you see Google remarketing banners and Facebook banners everywhere, then it is definitely a red signal. If the ICO is promising nice profits then it should not be trusted.


  1. Low-quality discussions on the community forum

If the community does not create high-value discussions, then it is also a red light. You should ask questions on the Telegram, ICOs BitcoinTalk announcement thread, and gather as much information about the ICO as you can. If the quality of the response of the team is not proper or if they are avoiding your questions, then it is a bad sign.


  1. A Need of the token

It is very important to understand that there is genuine need of the token in the project and the whole ecosystem should revolve around the token. If the token can be easily replaced with the help of a Bitcoin or Ethereum and the project will still work, then there is no need of the ICO and it will turn into a bad investment eventually. So, study the project carefully before investing.


  1. Circulating Supply

You should be aware of the circulating supply of the token. You should be beware if a small percentage of the total tokens is only distributed in the ICO and there is no finite number of tokens. Also, if there is no lock up on the tokens reserved for the developing team, then it is suspicious.