Bitcoin is Giving the Dollar a Run in the U.S.

The muscle power of the dollar in the global economic market gives the U.S. the superpower status it enjoys. The dollar has been conveniently agreed upon to be unbeatable. Today, most of the major global trades are conducted over the terms of dollars. The value of the currency has always enjoyed an all-time high for the vast majority.

With the landfall of the cryptocurrency, little did it concern the financial lawmakers. The U.S. government and the national treasury always treated the currency like just another trend. Gradually it picked up in the market and garnered few enthusiasts of bitcoin. Bitcoin slowly gained popularity, and the U.S. suddenly saw many of its citizens being actively part of the new digital monetary revolution.

President Trump has earlier even stated that he is not a big fan of cryptocurrency and labeled it as “thin air.” The government and its associates from the very beginning have not been much hopeful of the currency. Bitcoins, however, are considered as decentralized digital currency as per laws. The main reason why bitcoin has fared well in the game is the peer-to-peer transaction concept dating back to the Silicon Valley disruption. It is within the sentiments of the US citizens who have accepted the IT revolution, changing the face of the world.

The strain on the dollar is now quite witnessed. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts have predicted that a global cryptocurrency would suffice to choke the dollar’s absolute value. As dealing with bitcoins is absolutely digital, it is at ease wherever there is availability of the internet. The support of the algorithmic arrangement of money all over the world through blockchain has made this version of digital currency quite a hit. People are now realizing the many benefits that bitcoins and other altcoins have over fiat currencies.

This potential threat to the dollar has raised significant concerns for the U.S. authorities. In his budget of 2020, Trump has also implemented some measures to keep a close watch on the cryptocurrencies. A Cryptocurrency Act 2020 regulated by FinCEN will be the frontline torchbearer for the same. Experts still predict that it will be of no use as, despite a decline in the price of bitcoin since 2017, it has maintained a loyal fanbase. Talks of having the dollar as a digital currency has come in the light as well. Such is the growing power of the undefiant bitcoin!

“The Missing Cryptoqueen” to hit TV Screens Soon

Ruja Ignatova made thousands of dreams and aspired to get their money multiplied to get rid of their financial problems. She managed to get many investors on board. In a sudden turn of events, her original façade was revealed. While the fraud case was exposed and she was charged with money laundering, Ignatova escaped.

The fraud case of Ruja Ignatova had left many in a confused and helpless state of mind. The million-dollar scammer is one of the most wanted today. While her traces are still a mystery to global authorities, her deeds have been brought to the public disposal by the BBC in the BBC Sound Podcast series “The Missing Cryptoqueen.”

In a heated auction, the satellite rights of the BBC podcast series “The Missing Cryptoqueen” went to New Regency Television. In that exchange, giant names like 20th Century TV and A24 were present. The deal was sealed in the name of the New Regency. Georgia Catt and Jamie Bartlett have created the gripping podcast.

Articles written about “The Missing Cryptoqueen” have garnered quite some eyeballs. It only makes sense that now it is brought closer to life in a television format. The series had outlined the million-dollar Ponzi scheme by the Bulgaria based scholar and entrepreneur Dr. Ruja Ignatova. While cryptocurrencies were not very trusted, she was successful in putting people’s sight behind the blindfold.

The podcast detailed out the gripping dubious tale of the wanted fraudster and how she managed to achieve so many investors. The podcast series could successfully reveal MLM’s technique, where the product was the fake OneCoin, the so-called competitor to the popular bitcoin.

The elated producers are in the hunt of directors to make it an episodic series. With a televised version of the show, the makers aim to bring the massive scam and fraudulency to the eyes of the public. Now that cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular than ever, a show like this would be of value addition.

New Regency TV is set to bring you the chilling encounters of the massive money laundering case of a lifetime. If there can be an instance where even the most protected currency could also be looted, this would be that tale. Even before cryptocurrency has completely made a mark, extortion is already a step ahead. The show sounds promising and of high value for people today who look for avenues for investments.

BBC’s Investigative Podcast on the Cryptoqueen

Cryptocurrencies are becoming popular for the right reasons off late. Even five years back, it was not the same. There was hardly a much-trusted source of information on it. Many entrepreneurial ventures had tried to come up with a digital alternative to the currency. The problem always laid in the fact that there would still be a third-party involvement in them. People never trusted this reality.

Cryptocurrency was anyway having a tough time to hold the ground. But upon a fresh market and very few players when the returns of the investments were observed, a new chapter in finance began. The cryptocurrency rose the ladder, with Bitcoin being the most popular one. Many fresh investors expressed their desire to invest in bitcoins. More and more investors came on board, especially upon learning about blockchain technology. Unlike other digital payments, with cryptocurrency, it is backed by blockchain. The security and anonymity made the risk bearing that comes while investing in bitcoins worth it.

At a reasonably raw juncture, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, in her shining ballroom gown, addressed a mass gathering and said that she would change the future of cryptocurrency with her version of Bitcoin’s competition with OneCoin in 2016. The educated Oxford graduate and entrepreneur showed people a dream to multiply their money to almost ten folds. Overnight she earned the gifted title of “Cryptoqueen.” What followed was a massive pouring of funds from England, Yemen, Pakistan, Canada, and so on. Upon some major confrontation by Bitcoin enthusiasts and a fishy job offer, it was discovered that the entire furrow was a farce. People were excited to see the figures shooting skyrockets on OneCoin’s website, but it was nothing but a scam.

Probably what can be called the greatest scam in the cryptocurrency market, she was found to disappear shortly after her big unveiling. To date, Dr. Ignatova’s traces have not been found. She has gone on to become of the most wanted by FBI and federal organizations across the globe. BBC based an entire podcast named “The Missing Cryptoqueen,” detailing out the layout and brain behind the finance world’s one of the biggest traps. The eight episodes podcast series is curated by the technology journalist Jamie Bartlett.

The series entails the ghastly wicked mind and practice of the pyramid scheme and fake coins as a business to dupe millions across the world. You can catch the podcast on the BBC’s website or Apple Store. 

Buy Tether with credit card

Tether’s Introduction in the cryptocurrency world:

Riding high on the success of former entries and also taking lessons, tether’s origin is from 5 years back. Tether comes as a revolutionary addition to the world of cryptocurrency as it says to yield a definite value. Unlike the fluctuating nature of major cryptocurrencies, tether claims to fix the fluctuation. Tether converts the standard cash into the cryptocurrency and backs it with the assets too. This means that tether also says to secure its value to the user through its assets at any time.

Hence the tokens (tether term for coin) stand a unit value of original currency for them. By doing so, tether also claims to standardize or anchor the value of the original currency. Because of the linking nature of the exchange, the name tether gets its justification too. It comes as an attractive feature for people who find it hard to understand the cryptocurrency fluctuations.

Advantages of indulging with Tether:

Because of the progressive origin of tether, it also builds on the shortcoming of other digital currencies. Thus some of the common advantages that tether aims to offer to the clients are:

  • Open-end code means that cryptographic transactions are easy to simulate and include.
  • Fixing the value of the digital currency also links it to stable assets.
  • The operational investment on this platform is also quite low.
  • Blockchain technology use means that security is the closest to the fail-safe method.
  • Tether also has the feature of adding to the already working cryptocurrency wallets.

Credit Card usage makes tether purchasing easy:

Just like any other exchange, buying cryptocurrency is also easy through online ways. This means that a person can also use his credit card conveniently and securely to carry out the exchanges. Thus, there are multiple methods of purchasing tether with a credit card:

  1. Use a wallet:

Digital tether wallets or any other wallet for that matter have the option to purchase the USDT. The easy steps in this process are:

  • Download a wallet on the device of your choice.
  • Install and register the wallet for accessing it.
  • Go to the exchange, purchase, or deposit option to initiate the process.
  • Register your card on the first occasion and wait for verification.
  • Once the card goes through this, you can also use it conveniently for purchases.
  • Use the online exchange services (exchangers):

These platforms allow easy transactions through less or no registration headache. They deal in the given way:

  • Give a thorough search and visit the right platform.
  • Fill in the list of spaces and give the details.
  • Put in USDT in the option of getting back and your base currency in the option of giving.
  • Initiate transactions and also use the credit card to process through it.
  • Give some gestation time for the transaction to find its way and you can have easy access to the tokens.

If all of this still appears a hassle, a person can always use direct contact. Because of the common nature of availability, someone or the other will have the app and the currency. Just give a ring and use your contact to buy Tether.

Bitcoin ETF approved

Understanding the term ETF:

ETF is the short and sweet term used for the exchange-traded fund. These funds include various assets and operate in a regulatory manner. The ETF also holds bonds and investments. Exchange-traded funds are understandable to work in a way that does not allow excessive variation. The deviation is few and far in between and the ETF mostly holds to the real value.

The flexibility of the funds of “close-ended” nature and the security of mutual funds is what sets ETF apart. The buyer and seller are only in a link through the main distributors. These distributors trust the dealers who operate on a heavy scale. The terms of understanding between them are long-running and open.

The coming together of Bitcoin and ETF:

Nobody doubts the infinite potential and seamless ease of bitcoin. The cryptocurrency dictates the occurrences of the current world. Not only exchanges but investment and other policies too. But what has often kept investors and people to shy away from is the complex nature of storage and understanding. The blockchain concept, security feature, exchange methods, and storage are quite a heavy manual in themselves.  

To bring together the two heavy fighters in a common goal, the Bitcoin ETF is a revolutionary mechanism. It is a show or replication of the exact value (changing) of the Bitcoin itself. The cryptocurrency value is given to the user and they can get it through the ETF without involving themselves in the theory of the famous cryptocurrency. This means that the understanding of ETF itself will be enough for big-shots looking to invest in the trending cryptocurrency.

While the idea is great, the approval is a different matter altogether. The doubts around new entrants in the ETF is nothing new. It is a running issue that the proposal always comes to a dead end.

The Pathway to Approval:

The demand for it is high but authorities are not budging anytime soon. The stalemate has been due to a few reasons:

  • Market hold of Bitcoin not enough to justify its ability for a fund
  • The system is still fresh and has scope for manipulating the investment market
  • The legalities between Bitwise and the SEC are long and unending and can take up a lot of brainstorming

The scope that rests in the combination of the two is huge. It provides flexibility to the market to regulate ETF without putting much thought into the technicality of the cryptocurrency. It also provides an easy way for the Cryptocurrency holders and enthusiasts to get into the transfer funded side of the stock exchange.

CP2000 for Cryptocurrency

Money is great. No doubt about it. Commercials are so vital around. Money is one of the most desirable things in a man’s life. Not until there are taxes to be filed. That is a pain. The process and just the idea of letting go of some amount.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) watches over all the investment cradle. Just like every investment and revenue is reported so is the same for cryptocurrency and assets. You heard it right there are tax returns for cryptocurrency as well.

Over 10,000 cryptocurrency holders have been notified by the US body to alert those who might have missed reporting their crypto holdings and transactions in their tax returns. The notice which was the last sent and holds quite a weight is known as CP2000.

Cryptocurrency investments come with a sort of anonymity then how is it that the agency IRS could track down the asset hoarded? This is because eminent exchanges like that of Coinbase send out a form called ‘Form 1099-K’ where they enlist the gross amount of transactions that are done by an investor over the exchange.

1099-K, however, does not report losses or gains and merely report the amount that was involved in the transactions. The CP2000 is actually a notification of any impending information. So, what is to be done if one receives one such notice?

  • Calculate all the cryptocurrency amounts leading to tax correctly because the ones in the 1099-K form were, maybe, misleading. The form does not take cost basis information which is absolutely essential to infer losses/gains.
  • Once you are aware of the exact amount that you owe, you can then seek help from a cryptocurrency tax professional or seek information from portals like Trybe. All this will equip you to respond to the IRS and help you achieve a strong case in case the defaulter charges do not match.
  • Try using crypto tax software that helps file these taxes and also produce tax reports that are absolutely valid. A software of this kind is TurboTax.
  • Ensure that the fair market value is with you apart from the cost basis. Having the fair market value is essential to show the amount that you received against what you bought for.

Understand that the IRS treats cryptocurrency as property and not as currency for tax purposes. So, just how tax reporting liabilities are incurred on properties, it is the same for cryptocurrencies.

How Safe is Ledger Nano S?

Cryptocurrencies have been on a sale like hotcakes in the past couple of years. The right cryptocurrency investment is on everyone’s mind. The popularity with such fund movements is of the results that it might bear upon the right selection of the cryptocurrency.

The transaction process, however, can leave many worried if there is even an ounce of uncertainty. There are two specific ways through which for the time being these transactions take place which is through paper wallets and hardware wallets. Hardware wallets have a fanbase of their own. It is considered one of the best ways to store cryptocurrencies as it comes with high notch security.

Considering the concern regarding choosing the best possible wallet for the cryptocurrencies holding the valuable investments, Ledger Nano S guides the way. The hardware wallet Ledger Nano S is considered to be of optimum quality and range as safety and security are not compromised and are ensured in the best preventive ways possible.

Ledgers built all its devices around specialized chips called Secured Elements and designed a secured operating system called BOLOS. This boosts up all of the wallet’s security amenities. They are run by microcontrollers which are the same as processors.

Here’s how the Ledger Nano S provides all the necessary checkpoints that you are looking for-

  • The wallet requires a physical press to enable “Send transaction”. This cannot be skipped by any hacker who has control over your PC with a hardware wallet connected. This proves a safeguard advantage.
  • The Ledger Nano S requires you to enter a PIN. Upon three failed attempts at entering the PIN, the device will wipe itself.
  • The private keys are stored in a separate enclave environment and are offline. No private keys get stored on the server. They never leave the device and wallets can be wiped and be generated multiple times.
  • The Ledger Nano S has an anti-tampering seal that should only be bought from an authorised seller.
  • Ledger Nano S also has Passphrase which is an extra addition to 24-word recovery phrase.
  • The hardware also checks itself every boot.

Ledgers have been manufacturing one of the safest and secure wallets for investment in the cryptocurrencies. The company recently went into an agreement that ensures all users are protected from a third-party hack. One of the most important things to note however is that it is ordered from its official website and no duplicate ones.

Ledger Nano S vs Trezor

The big bucks need the sort of security that it deserves. So, when the thought of multiplying them in the near future strikes, a new wave of doing so is sought after. The rising growth of the cryptocurrency in 2014 was thought of to be a new revolution in the investment spectrum. Buying and selling of these cryptocurrencies were all over the news and trends. Then what happened that resulted in a sudden decline of the same?

Questions raised on the security of the transactions can be one of the reasons why a decline in the cryptocurrency could be witnessed. Hacking and other such ethical breaches may have seized to exist. But with hardware wallets and their provisions and features, the security aspect is much relaxed. The best advantage of holding the cryptocurrencies in such wallets is that the private keys are stored in the devices itself and do not get shared with any server or any other storage which is software enabled.

If we are to compare two of the most popular hardware wallets in the market at the moment that makes cryptocurrency transactions safe and secured, then they are of Ledger Nano S and Trezor. But to choose to opt for one over the other needs an analysis of the intricate details of all of what it comprises of. The Ledger Nano S and Trezor have a tough face-off with each other considering the following aspects-

  • Ledger Nano S supports more coins as compared to Trezor. This advantage is vital for people who wish to choose from varied options of coins that are available.
  • There is not much difference in the cost of Trezor or Ledger Nano S.
  • Trezor has a bigger display screen in contrast with Ledger Nano S. This provides a more comfortable view.
  • The setup process for both the wallets is the same. They need to be connected via USB to a PC with PC oriented operating systems. There is the requirement to set a PIN code and a backup recovery seed to set up.
  • Trezor is on mobile! The best advantage one can look for. Trezor has an app unlike Ledger Nano S. There is a mobile version available but that doesn’t beat the ease and comfort of an app.
  • The durability of the hardware of Ledger Nano S is hands down more because of its stainless steel body which makes it less susceptible to damage, unlike Trezor’s plastic body. 

Dent Coin Price Prediction

Built on the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, Dent falls under one of the initiators of virtual telecom operations. This platform deals with the global market aiming the telecom users limited to regionality biases and thus restricting themselves from the worldwide opening. The mobile data infrastructure is not available to many. Dent breaks this bar with its unified marketplace enabling global interaction amongst the user base.

This ERC-20 cryptocurrency is an exchange as well as a marketplace used for mobile data transactions through reciprocated operations over data plans. The convenient pricing and transparency make this platform highly adaptable, even more than expected. Dent is aiming to bring a completely new economic scenario while turning around data that’s worth billions of dollars.

The trading value of Dent currently stands at $0.000170 with a market cap of $13,362,679. According to the price movement chart, a worth of $550,483 Dent is being traded. Within a day’s span, the price escalated to $0.0004 where $0.0001 was the lowest.

The market scenario of cryptocurrencies changes rapidly. And such uncertainty makes the cryptocurrency price prediction a little difficult.

However, in this article, we will cover the estimations made by top websites and market leaders for you to understand the flow of Dent coins. So, let’s have a brief look at them:

  • According to Wallet Investor, it is predicted that during 2020, the value of Dent coins will reach to $0.000012.
  • Taking Crypto Groud’s predictions into account, it can be said that within the next 6 months, and the year, Dent’s worth will be $0.0010 and $0.0013, respectively. Whereas, within 2025, it might take a flight to reach $0.0631.
  • As per Digital Coin Price, the valuation will become $0.00233592.
  • Other sources say that by 2022, Dent’s price to increase to $0.0238.

As an addition to Dent’s uprising worth, the probability of this crypto project to crash down is quite less too. Well, if you see it in the long run, studies show that the value of Dent coins will not drop. And the proof is there in a recent example where Dent’s service expanded to over 50 countries around the world, following the update of its beta app commencing an international call. This actually enhanced the market demand resulting in a 10% value hike. So, all these progressions make it evident that investing in Dent will surely bring a win-win situation for you and the industry as well.

Can You Hack Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency can be best described as a type of digital currency. It uses cryptography for the purpose of offering data security and anti-counterfeiting measures. Generally, public and private keys are employed for transferring cryptocurrency between individuals. Some of the most popularly used cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Etherium, etc.

The issue of security has been attached to cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin since its development and inception. In case you are wondering if one can hack cryptocurrency, continue reading this article.

Bitcoin itself is actually very difficult to hack due to its highly supportive blockchain technology. Hacks are usually unlikely as blockchain is constantly reviewed by bitcoin users. However, it does not mean that it’s necessarily a safe investment. The potential for security risks does exist at various stages of the trading process. Although developers are always trying to improve wallet security, there are ‘black hat’ hackers who are always trying to access other peoples’ wallets illegally.

In Bitcoin’s transaction process, the most commonly used security measure is two-factor identification. Linking the security of a transaction to an email address or a cell phone number means that anyone with access to those components can authenticate transactions. If hackers manage to determine your non-cryptocurrency-related personal information, infiltrating your transactions will not be much of a difficult job for the hackers.

In August 2010, Bitcoin was hacked when some hackers exploited a vulnerability. The hackers generated billions of bitcoins which were sent to two addresses on the network. The vulnerability was eventually fixed. After that,  the transaction was erased from the transaction log. The Bitcoin network was forked to an updated version.

A “bad” transaction infiltrated block 74638 on 15th August 2010 due to a bug in bitcoin’s code. There are several more instances as well when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were hacked.

However, there are exchanges working towards maintaining high-security practices. Binance, is one of them, is doing a commendable job to safeguard the cryptocurrency market. In 2018, it impeded into Cryptopia hacker’s plans and had frozen the stolen cryptocurrency. Well, everything has its own positive and negative sides; so is the issue with cryptocurrencies as well. The operation of such digital currencies was made decentralized to make transactions easy, but hackers found their ways to invade into the network and ruin the concept. Though it’s not a child’s play to take preventive measures against such activities, platforms like Binance are putting their best efforts to avoid these unscrupulous happenings.